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Cuppers’ coffee is specially roasted here in Arizona. Our espresso is a secret blend of different roasts of several different beans, which has won awards for its chocolate undertones and smooth finish. Our house coffees are always brewed with high quality Arabica beans. We offer two single-origins each week. Cuppers wants you to discover how different coffees taste from around the world. We always provide a dark roast from such countries as Sumatra, Kenya, and Brazil. And we always have a lighter roast such as from Sulawesi, Ethiopia, Peru and Panama. Our coffees are either certified organic or passively organic (without the certification).

New Specialty Coffee Available!
coffee_bagOur proprietary blend combines the characteristics of select Guatemalan & New Guinea beans complimented by the full bodied exotic Sumatran bean to produce a true coffee lover’s coffee. A medium roast with vibrant flavor and rich character with a chocolate finish. Our coffee is roasted in Arizona by combining the art and science of a small, hands-on roaster in small batches. Always fresh, always delicious.

Here are some tips for storing and grinding:

  • We recommend grinding immediately before brewing.
  • Grinding a coffee bean is like opening a bottle of wine. The clock begins to tick! Grinding exposes more surface area to air and light, the enemies of coffee.
  • Do not store coffee beans in refrigerator – moving back and forth causes condensation and will degrade coffee.
  • Use a coarser grind for slower brew cycles – and finer for faster brew cycles.
  • The ideal drip brew cycle is 4 – 5 minutes.Brew at 195 to 205 Fahrenheit – it produces the best extraction.
  • Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee for 8 oz. of water – adjust for taste.

Most importantly, enjoy!

HOT or ICED Drinks

sigdrinks• Latte: espresso and steamed milk with a little bit of milk foam
• Cappuccino: espresso & steamed milk with lots of frothy milk foam
• Mochas** see list next column over
• House coffee: 2 kinds each day!
• Americano: espresso and water (Italy’s version of American drip coffee)
• Café au Lait: brewed coffee with steamed milk
• Red Eye: espresso and brewed coffee
• Loose-leaf tea (hot): one type or your blend
• Chai: spiced green tea made with milk
• Dirty Chai: espresso and chai with milk
• Steamer: steamed milk with any flavor
• Hot Chocolate & Cayenne Hot Chocolate: steamed milk with any of our chocolates
• Apple Cider: the real stuff, winter time only


Iced Tea: Our regular black iced tea or our herbal raspberry-hibiscus.
Lemonade: made here daily
Arnold Palmer: ½ lemonade & ½ regular iced tea
Alice Palmer: ½ lemonade & ½ raspberry-hibiscus iced tea
Cuppers’ Creamy Iced Tea: Black iced tea with cream, vanilla and cinnamon.
The Bullet: Red Bull, espresso and sweet orange syrup
Red Bull: all by itself
Italian Soda: any flavors with soda water
Italian Cream Soda: any flavors with soda water, cream and whipped cream
Milk & Chocolate Milk
Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice
Coke & Diet Coke & Bottled Water

We welcome you to call ahead with your order for pick-up!


Frappe: a creamy frozen coffee drink, blended with milk. You’re welcome to add any flavor(s) or just have the coffee taste!

Coffee Chip Frappe: a creamy frozen coffee drink blended with coffee beans and chocolate chips. This will give you crunch and an extra jolt!

Smoothies: Made with 100% Crushed® Whole Fruit with No artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. Made from fresh, vine ripened fruit. We can add 10 grams of  great-tasting protein too! Our flavors: Mango Tropics, Strawberry, Four Berry, Northwest Berry, Smooth Lime, Strawberry-Banana and Orange-Tangerine.

Dreamy Creamy: an incredibly delicious creamy fruit smoothie made from either orange juice or cranberry juice.

Blended Chai & Blended Dirty Chai


“The largest selection in the area!”.
(chocolates for your espresso, frappes or hot chocolate):

Cuppers House Mocha – we make it here with Dutch Cocoa
Mexican Mocha – made in Mexico and we melt it here
White Mocha – made by Ghirardelli
Ay Chihuahua – espresso extracted with red chili peppers and Mexican chocolate
Marble Mocha – our house mocha with white chocolate
Mayan Mocha – a lightly spicy dark chocolate
Monkey Mocha – banana syrup & house mocha
Sugar Free Mocha – poor thang! (by Ghirardelli)
And more….


While Chai has been around the world for centuries, many Americans have just recently discovered Chai in our country. We are predicting that Chai will become as popular and common as coffee lattes and cappuccinos. Our Chai produces a warming, soothing effect, acts as a natural digestive aid and gives one a wonderful sense of well being. It’s difficult to resist a second cup. Many people don’t know that Chai basically means “spiced milk tea”, so it is actually redundant to say, “Chai Tea” or “Chai Latte” – just say “Chai”! Choose between our “Sweet Chai” with green tea or our bolder “Tibetan Chai” with black tea a little more Indian spice and serious yum!

Cuppers serves about 14 types of loose-leaf teas. We have black, green, white, red, herbal and fruit teas you can see and smell in jars at the counter. You can even mix them! They’re served in a teapot at your table or in a to-go cup.

Cuppers’ Creamy Iced Tea is a signature drink made with black iced tea, cinnamon, vanilla and cream! It’s yummy!

Our two Iced Teas are the regular black and herbal raspberry-hibiscus. We also mix them with lemonade to make Arnold Palmers and Alice Palmers.

So many choices with our drinks!